Ecstatic LIVE with Dragonfly

1 september 2019 @ 19:00 – 22:00
Bar Beton Rijnsweerd
Pythagoraslaan 101
22 pre sale
Lale Freie
Ecstatic LIVE Band with Dragonfly is an experience one can hardly put into words. Live performed music 🎶 by 6 professional musicians, who are creating from the heart. And every note is improvised, created on the spot inspired by the dancing g tribe.
Well, just come and experience this magic but be aware:We love to have enough space to dance so make sure you come on time!Ecstatic is a free movement space in which dance expands, spirit activates and beauty flows. As community we are connected the whole time, even if we dance alone.The opening ceremony is an integral part of the LIVE experience so please be on time.
19:00 Doors open
19:30 Opening Ceremony with Marcoléon Baas
20:00 Ecstatic LIVE Band
22:00 Closing ceremony
Presale: € 22,50 by chipta (zie FB for link): Entrance: € 25- at the Door
Discount card (10 x) €140 (friends may join you on your card). Cardholders pay 7 euro’s extra
Ecstatic LIVE provides a unique musical mix that makes the body wants to move by healing sounds & dynamic percussive rhythms. The music transforms people in their state of being. Carried by musicians who tune in to the dancers with what is present in the moment. Not to think about how you want to dance but to feel what’s present to move in your body. The music is uplifting followed by calm music, or vice versa, alternately ecstatic, wild, calm, melodious and moving. Sounds that let you transform true nature through movement, fluent and daring to be free with what IS. No performance is the same, every note is improvised. The music comes from the magical combination of many different musicians and instruments.Guidelines:* Dance barefoot and connect yourself with the whole earth
* Move your body freely, without any restrictions
* Take a journey inside, without words
* Respect your dancing brothers and sisters
* Tune in to another before making contact
* Wear comfortable clothes, bring some dry extrasEcstatic Dance Utrecht is a safe haven, not a hunting ground.
Ecstatic Dance Utrecht is a Drug & Alcohol Free Space
Please also refrain from photos, video & scents.
Disrespecting the guidelines may lead to being

One Thought on “Ecstatic LIVE with Dragonfly

  1. Heerlijk on vrijdag weer bij jullie te dansen met de live band..
    Ik kom met een vriendin

    Wat fijn dat jullie dat geven aan de wereld..

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