Ecstatic Dance Utrecht

Ecstatic Dance Utrecht

A 2,5 hour dance journey, in which we move/dance however we wish. No steps required. The evening will be opened by our master of ceremony with a short introduction of our guidelines and a warming up. The dance itself (2 hours) is lead by a DJ or LIVE band, after which the evening is closed with a special momentum. The Dance journey has several “waves” of intensity, from strong expressive upto silent and meditative. A perfect exemple of the ups and downs of life.

Ecstatic is being danced all over the world, we all share the passion to bring more depth onto the dancefloor and the guidelines of “shoeless, speechless and boozeless” ( we do not speak on the dancefloor, dance bare foot and only water/tea is being served for free) make sure this can happen.

26 october: DJ Petro; 2 november DJ de Nachtpapagaaij; 9 november Nykkyo Energy DJ; 16 november DJ Esta; 23 november DJ Petro; 30 november DJ Yarun; 7 december; Nykkyo Energy DJ; 14 december DJ Yarun; 21 december DJ Petro; 28 december Ecstatic LIVE Dragonfly!                                                               NO PIN, only CASH

Ticketsale for Ecstatic LIVE with Dragonfly 28th December:


Watch the trailer: DEEP MOVIE 2018

19 Aug t/m 26 Aug  website DEEP

TICKETS: not available yet (only 80 tickets available)

 Lale and Marcoleon are co-hosting and organizing for the third time the DEEP Festival (Retreat) in France 2019. Do you want a week of heaven this summer? Come and join us. For more information speak to one of us on our Ecstatic evenings.